2.B Tasks to perform

OPERATIONAL INSTRUCTIONS To make a list of tasks to perform covering the three jobs concerned, you need to:

STEP 1 find a balance in the degree of detail: the detail used to describe tasks is a matter of finding balance between (a) as few tasks as possible that are generally applicable and (b) as many tasks as necessary to distinguish occupations from each other

STEP 2 provide a clear name/description of each task as a well-imaginable professional, human activity with an evident result. Complete a list of balanced and clearly-defined tasks covering the jobs chosen, based on competences needed to perform each task well

STEP 3 Cluster the tasks in logical fields, arranged according to the work itself (from preparation to completion). The titles of the clusters must also be as short and recognizable as possible.

It is suggested to describe a single job in a minimum of 20 – maximum 50 tasks, compliant with competences needed to perform each one well. Tasks to be performed at different levels must be consistent in terms of corresponding competencies (at different levels).

Use the table below to make the list of tasks:

Task Field


Job 1

Job 2

Job 3


The three examples available in QSE-VET project are annexed to these guidelines:

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