The overall objective of QSE-VET is to develop a set of guidelines and indicators that help VET authorities and providers assess the relevance of the skills provided through their VET programmes against the requirements of employers.

Quality standards will be described through operational indicators, supported by concrete best practices. The standards will facilitate the measurement of VET outcomes and will enable authorities to introduce accountability for evidence-based vocational education and training (EBVET).

The QSE-VET project will support:

  1. The European Commission to further elaborate EQAVET towards policy decision with regards to Evidence based VET
  2. VET-related authorities to elaborate accountability policies and recommendations on effectiveness of VET with regards to employability and acquired competences
  3. VET providers to develop better and more effective partnership with world of work in order to align their VET programs to the demands for competences by employer
  4. An increased attractiveness of VET, by providing basis for educational path, better and more viable employability.
  5. The prevention of early school leavers by introducing teaching styles more adapted to 21st Century skills in a learner-centred educational environment.